Elevate Americas Virtual Tours and Customer Sessions

Agenda at a Glance: Virtual tours/customer sessions

Tuesday: 2:30p
Lead Track: 3PL
Session: Lineage Logistics

Virtual tour of the world's largest automated cold storage facility

Tuesday: 2:00p
Lead Track: Automation
Session: Arizona Beverages

A new dimension of operational functionality and insight into accurate inventory.

Wednesday: 2:30p
Lead Track: Automation
Session: Cardinal Tissue

Innovation in the Tissue industry

Tuesday: 1:00p
Lead Track: DSD
Session: Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Day in the life using K.Motion OmniTech (Mobile)

Tuesday: 2:30p
Lead Track: Enterprise (WMS)
Session: Advance Auto Parts

Pedal to the metal: How Advance Auto Parts accelerated through the pandemic and a WMS implementation

Wednesday: 9:30a
Lead Track: Enterprise (WMS)
Session: Boot Barn

Boot Barn optimizes automation in Kansas DC with adoption of Körber WCS

Wednesday: 3:00p
Lead Track: Enterprise (WMS)
Session: PartsTown

PartsTown Innovation 2020: How PartsTown made packing fly

Thursday: 10:00a
Lead Track: Enterprise (WMS)
Session: FORHIMS

Rapid deployment of WA amid a global pandemic

Thursday: 1:00p
Lead Track: Enterprise (WMS)
2nd Track: Essentials/Platform
Session: Biagi Bros

Keys to successfully managing a large WMS rollout during the COVID-19 pandemic

Tuesday: 3:00p
Lead Track: Robotics
2nd Track: Enterprise (WMS)
Session: evo

Customer Success - evo: 5 Steps to implementing mobile robots in your warehouse

Thursday: 9:00a
Lead Track: Robotics
2nd Track: Enterprise (WMS)
Session: Goldbond

Goldbond warehouse virtual tour: Goods to man robotics

Thursday: 10:30a
Lead Track: Robotics
Session: dmTech

Driving innovation at dmTech with autonomous mobile robotics in retail distribution

Wednesday: 11:00a
Lead Track: Transportation
Session: MCK Trucking

Prophesy Dispatch: Customer case study - MCK Trucking

Wednesday: 1:30p
Lead Track: Voice
2nd Track: Enterprise (WMS)
Session: SanMar and Voice

Enterprise roll out of voice-directed work

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