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Ideal for every professional that is passionate about technology, Elevate APAC offers a platform for supply chain, distribution, logistics and transport professionals, through to retail operations and e-commerce as well as emerging graduates, to learn, develop and network.
How to thrive in a supply chain transformed by a pandemic.
impact of COVID-19 posed significant challenges for global supply chain, bringing many existing issues to the forefront. In the aftermath of the pandemic, organisations are pushing for collaboration, resilience and agility. In this discussion, we ask our panelists: what does a post-pandemic supply chain look like and strategies to thrive in a pandemicinfluenced environment?

Speed to market: how to maximise speed without compromising service

Speeding up operations to better serve the increasing demands of customers is a major priority for supply chain and retail operations alike. But reliability, responsiveness and resilience still matter. How can digital technology assist in maximising speed without sacrificing service?


AMR Technology demonstrations

Featuring popular picking, moving, sorting, collaborative and AGV-powered robotics solutions and best practices for considerations and implementation.


AMR Driven Growth – roundtable reviewing success stories from three growth verticals

Hear case stories from four different verticals: cold chain, e-commerce, retail and 3PL.


State of the union, roadmap and demonstration of Körber’s Supply Chain Software Products

Including technical sessions on planning a successful software implementation for modernised and digitised supply chain operations.


Same-day delivery: an award-winning case study

Hear how Australia’s largest pharmacy brand managed to offer its 1.5 million weekly customers same-day delivery through its click and collect service throughout COVID-19 lockdowns.



Re-imagining your Warehouse using 3D Simulation - Körber’s latest release in vision and visualisations solutions.


The data-driven revolution

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, big data – we’ve been hearing these buzzwords for a few years now. These technologies are becoming more commonplace in the supply chain and a must-have for many organisations. We hear from some of the leading minds in this space on how to use big data to your advantage.


Steps to a sustainable supply chain

With rising expectations around sustainable practices, businesses are striving to be at the forefront of reducing waste and improving sustainability in the supply chain. Hear from industry leaders and discuss some emerging trends on how businesses can pave the way for change.


Learn the best practices

For operator readiness, training and adoption for AMR - powered operations.


Loud and clear: the benefits of voice picking technology

Voice assisted picking technology is not the newest kid on the block, but with recent upgrades and a new Android offering, it’s capturing the attention of some of Australia’s largest retailers and 3PL providers. Find out more in this topical discussion about the proven benefits of voice assisted picking technology.


A fully flexible and scalable operation for mega growth in e-commerce marketplace fulfilment

Following its acquisition by Wesfarmers, Catch.com.au added thousands of extra SKUs to its inventory in 2020 while dealing with record volumes. Find out how Catch managed this SKU proliferation with advanced and flexible automation and learn about the latest developments for Catch.com.au in New South Wales at their fully automated fulfilment centre.


Successful Cold Chain strategies in supply chain

Hear a successful case study from Galipo foods about AMR-powered operations in their refrigerated DC and learn the important considerations when choosing the right technology for Cold Chain success.


Everything you need to know

About Körber Cloud provisioning, Cloud infrastructure security, Cloud networking and Cloud monitoring and alerting.


Android Voice is now the norm

Learn about Android Voice and it’s compelling benefits for a rapidly scalable fulfilment operation including what’s new in the enhanced voice interface to operate on Android devices.


Change management in a digitised environment

Throughout 2020, businesses were changing at rapid pace and employers were expected to be agile, forgivable and adaptable. In the long-term, what needs to be considered when implementing rapid and major digital transformation and how can a business ensure they have the correct change management processes in place?


Women in supply chain

Fewer than one in 10 employees in the supply chain industry are women and there is a 21 per cent gender pay gap. What needs to be done to attract more women into supply chain? Hear from some of the industry’s most inspiring leaders.


Empowering a new generation through supply chain experience

How can we provide opportunities that empower young people to become future leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in the supply chain? In this session, the next generation will share their experience of supply chain so far.


Predictions for 2022 and beyond

As 2020 and 2021 accelerated the rate of change, will we continue to innovate at this pace? Körber’s leadership team offer their thoughts and predictions for the coming years. From consumer behaviour trends triggered by retail e-commerce surge to challenges with return logistics and traceability in supply chain, let’s hear from a panel of industry enthusiasts.


Körber Automation track

Our Automation team will bring you to the latest in solution updates particularly in ASRS and Layer Picker technology from Körber including successful case studies and automation best practices.


Micro-fulfillment advantage: the perfect storm

Rising e-commerce volumes and a complete overhaul of commercial property has created the perfect storm for micro-fulfillment to take centre stage in 2021. Coming in different guises, micro-fulfilment can mean converting current space in a physical store, a dedicated centre close to populated areas, a dark-store and many more options. Hear from experts across the retail, supply chain and property sector about how you can take advantage of the latest developments in micro-fulfilment.

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